Jazz players have a hard time finding accompanist that are suitable.

Introducing Meter, a product that will help these new and experienced players find accompanist and enrich the audience experience.


Randy Huynh


5 weeks


Ideation, Research, Product prototyping, visual assets. 


How can we create an open and more transparent environment for jazz players.


Jazz players require a great range and set of skills to allow them to improvise.

Meet Aaron, like many other Jazz players, he has a lot of trouble finding compatible players to harmonize and jam with. 

When comping (accompanying), I need to be properly support the soloist, and when my solo comes, I should have good stage presence without stealing the show

Meter is an ambient solution that helped Aaron find his ensemble and provide the audience with a better experience by accurately displaying their skill level.


Creating an ambient solution 

Meter is a wearable device for jazz musicians that broadcast the proficiency level of the wearer. It communicates this through color in environments such as jazz clubs or lounges. Through the use of the device, musicians can seek out other musicians at their level to perform a tune at their grade, find mentorship from professional or established players, or just network amongst other users of Meter. Using locational information from wearers, it provides jazz musicians and patrons with a map of jazz establishments and the typical level of musicians at them.


Meter as an artifact: 

One side shines the players proficiency, while the other displays the level they hope/want to playing at.

Meter acts as a clip that can attach to any part of someone‚Äôs garment. 

Meter is a smart tool that will adjust to a  players proficiency level through their journey in becoming a better player.