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Partnering with Intel and Asus Taichi laptop, we set out to redesign an application they created in partnership with Teague called Billboard.


The idea of this original app was to create a fun and interesting way to display information on the back screen. This left something to be desired in our professional opinions, so we decided to take it in another direction.


Every day, people stop to look at their phones and check their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, then check the news or blogs they are interested in. 



These rituals have become such an integrated part of our lives that looking at them seems like second nature. 

However, we found that a lot of time is being wasted looking at all these different sites separately. Based on this, as well as our findings from the Task Analysis we performed previously, we thought that Billboard could be an exciting opportunity to take all these existing social media broadcasts and web apps, and aggregate them into one easy-to-use and sharable place.


How can we make it easy and social...


Let's update Billboard to make it less awkward and more useful

Introducing Billboard

all our stories in one place

Billboard allows you to broadcast all your stories to the public at the touch of a finger. 


Share what you want, whenever you want! 


Templates are provided to help manage screen real-estate 





To accomplish this, we first needed to find out if this was a concept others would find compelling and useful. We first asked 13 people, and of those, 8 said it was an interesting idea and that they would use Billboard with our proposed function. We then surveyed 8 additional people, and used a couple of wireframes to show the idea on the back of the Taichi. Everyone we surveyed in the second group both confirmed that it was an interesting idea and that they would use Billboard given its new function. We therefore found that 16/21 people we interviewed liked the idea and would use such an application.



Those we surveyed seemed to enjoy that, even though this idea was founded on the concept of social media, they could also post news articles, pictures, or even YouTube clips, for others to find and enjoy. Even though some users expressed concern with privacy and controlling which updates were automatically shared, they felt at ease when we informed them that they would have full control over what would and wouldn’t be shared. 



The feedback we received from our concept and wireframes was positive. Most of those who said they wouldn’t use it explained that they were simply not very involved with social media, so they didn’t see themselves using it.

We believe that based on our research and observation, there would be demand for Billboard as a social media and web app aggregator display.