During my internship at Amazon, I worked on a team that tapped into Amazon's core business, the logistics. 


I had the opportunity of leading my own projects, but most importantly learn soft skills that will be crucial to my career path. During my time at Amazon, I worked with colleagues and associates from around the world to develop the best products and experiences.


Venturing into Amazon's core business of logistics and developing the future of transportation. 


Explorations towards creating projects on the retail side of Amazon by creating transportation.  


Yard productivity at a Fulfillment centers play an important role in making sure packages are delivered on time. A miscalculation could have significant cost. 

Each part of the facility process is designed to be operated in a continuous flow. A small hiccup could create a domino effect, potentially having major repercussion. For everything to run smoothly, processes inside and outside the fulfillment centers need to be coordinated. Shipping clerks help guards and hostlers move trailers around the yard based on needs and allocated schedules. In designing for Amazon employees we are paving the road to creating the best user experience for customers.  

Amazon’s algorithms can only be as efficient as the hands and feet executing their instructions

Shipping clerks

They are the brain of the system. They dictate the fluid movement of trailers throughout the facility. 


Checking to make sure the right trailers are leaving at the right time. 


Moving trailers between slips and dock doors.



Before YMS, everything was still being done by paper and pencil. Imagine the coordinations required for this process to run smoothly. Automation not only makes the process more efficient, but also more reliable. Simplifying this process which is done hundreds of times at each Fulfillment center around the world can add up. 


Design a handheld device interface that allow hostlers to efficiently move trailers between slips and doors. The new interface and workflow would help make the process more seamlessly.


My most involved project was to redesign the whole customer return experience at Fulfillment centers. This projects allowed me to fully explore and change the process that associates use daily in their task of processing returns by looking at damaged standards and determine wether a returned item is sellable or unsellable and who is at fault.


Customer Return has been very vague in terms of what is considered sellable again. Currently, the trend is 

When in doubt, damage it out!


Focusing on Amazon's ability to collect better data, we can improve & increase the associates' understanding of damage standards.  Providing a better experience and workflow will allow the users to work more effectively and accurately. 



Customer Return started with understanding the current procedure by visiting the facilities and doing the work done by associates. 


My customer facing projects were limited as I was restricted to the Amazon brand visuals. 


Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 7.20.59 PM.png

As the most customer centric company, our goal is to always cater to our customers.

Recently the shipment tracking experience was updated to provide more transparency. Online Return tracking needs a similar facelift and experience. Taking part in some of the reviews and being part of some of the process allowed me to have a better grasp on creating a similar experience for Online Returns tracking. 


Online Return overall is a fairly poor experience. Customer never know when items are shipped back or when they receive their refunds. 


By creating transparency, Amazon can expect a happier customers as well as decreasing customer service calls. The design follows a similar experience as the new shipment tracking. 

Unfortunately, this was a envisioning project that is planned for the future and not yet underway. This project is under NDA.




In this exploration, I wanted to create a more dynamic page that allowed customers to have an idea where AmazonGlobal shipped without having to go onto a separate page. The workflow for this landing page was also redone to help user navigate and use Amazon Global efficiently. 



Dynamic page transitions, so the Landing page isn't so cluttered. 

Integration of shipping locations without specifically having to go to another page. 

Moving the Amazon Global's left panel search above the fold. 


Amazon Global has very limited visibility

Business requirements and resources has limited their ability to provide the best customer experience. As a result, I worked on creating prototypes of new workflows that would bring greater visibility. These prototypes were used in live user testing and research. 




Another projects for Amazon Global was redesigning their email blast which might sound very mundane, but I tackled it like any other design challenge.

A design that customer can resonate to

Creating a template that would be interchangeable


It was called out multiple times at Amazon for being one of their best email blast.

It had over 4 times the average click rate. 

The hero shot that customer could resonate to had around a 200% click rate.

This template has consistently doubled previous email blasts sent by Amazon Global.